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JUNE 15, 2021

12:00 PM

Networking Break

Expand your professional network through the HACR structured networking break for an opportunity to engage and connect with attendees in small breakout rooms.

12:50 PM

Welcome to the Club: Transitioning to the C-Suite

You’ve made it to the c-suite. Congratulations! While corporate executive demographics are historically one-dimensional (i.e., white and male), attitudes around who is qualified for these roles are changing. Find out what rules and expectations have changed, such as the importance of credibility over qualifications, and how to navigate tricky c-suite politics. We’ll also discuss how to leverage a succession strategy to advance your career. 

Claudia Marmolejo

Executive Director, Head of IWM Key Client Coverage

Morgan Stanley

José Ramón González

Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary Equitable Holdings

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1:40 PM

Getting Board Buy-In for D&I 

Organizational changes require board buy-in. While the benefits of implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives may seem obvious, the case for them often needs to be made to corporate boards. In this session, learn to influence board-level communications regarding the importance of building a workplace where bias is actively combated, different voices are embraced, and employees can use their identity-related knowledge to accomplish key business goals.

The Honorable Nelson Diaz

Board Director

PECO, an Exelon Company

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2:30 PM

Authentic Leadership:  When you are the only one in the room 

Authentic leaders retain talent—but more importantly, they inspire team success by acknowledging the value individuals brings to the table. Discover how this leadership style starts with self-awareness and a willingness to reflect upon your actions, plus how transparency and openness can help mitigate office politics. The panel will also discuss the importance of culturally competent communication in maintaining trust in your leadership. 

3:30 PM

Networking Break

Expand your professional network through the HACR structured networking break for an opportunity to engage and connect with attendees in small breakout rooms.

10:00 AM

Welcome remarks

Welcome message from HACR's President and CEO, Cid Wilson.

Cid Wilson

President and CEO


10:05 AM

Executive Leadership Habits in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Almost all employees have changed the way they work since March 2020. Although the world is beginning to transition out of crisis mode, companies are noticing that some of these work adjustments can be sustainable into the future. Learn new leadership practices to adjust to this new environment, including remote team management, productive personal habits, and ways to support multi-dimensional workspaces. 

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10:55 AM

Carolina Jannicelli

Managing Director

JPMorgan Chase

Building a Lasting Legacy

We all want to leave things better than we found them, including the places and industries to which we’ve dedicated our careers. Hear from high-level corporate retirees who have forged impactful legacies of their own, who will give their advice on ensuring your professional life is defined by actions you can be proud of. You’ll discover the importance of tracking your impact on others, working from a place of service, and building genuine relationships. 

11:55 AM

Networking Break

Expand your professional network through the HACR structured networking break for an opportunity to engage and connect with attendees in small breakout rooms.

12:45 PM

Corporate Advisory Boards: A strategy for board readiness

Joining an advisory board can provide invaluable professional experience, as well as provide an opportunity to influence corporate culture and set yourself up for corporate board service. In addition to exploring how to leverage your advisory position, this session provides tips for influencing co-members of an advisory board, tools for efficient board governance, and how you can position diversity and inclusion as business-critical objectives.  

1:35 PM

Leading Through Uncertainty

How you communicate and act during tumultuous times can define your reputation as a leader. Executives have the unique responsibility of making sense of uncertainty for their employees, and this session will help you learn how to accomplish that, even without having all the answers. You’ll also discover best practices for crisis navigation and how to make the next best decision using the information and resources available to you. 

2:40 PM

Women's Perspectives: Insights from the C-suite

Hear first-hand experiences from women who have achieved executive roles in Corporate America. Panelists will discuss their personal journeys to the c-suite, including challenges and obstacles overcome along the way, and how companies can accelerate the pipeline of Hispanic talent to the highest levels of leadership. This session will also reveal how c-level leaders strategize, thrive during times of disruption, and re-align business goals in a rapidly changing world. 

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3:40 PM

YHCA Awards Ceremony and Closing Reception

Expand your professional network through the HACR structured networking break for an opportunity to engage and connect with attendees.

Welcome Remarks

Welcome message from HACR's President and CEO, Cid Wilson, and our sponsors.

Cid Wilson

President and CEO


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10:00 AM

Perspectives on Successful Executive Sponsorship

Don’t miss this round of conversations with corporate executives on the importance of executive sponsorship and its effect on diversity and inclusion. Each leader will discuss their personal experiences both searching for a sponsor and becoming sponsors themselves, and how it has enhanced their leadership skills and job satisfaction. We’ll also explore how executives apply a DEI lens when reflecting on which projects and people to sponsor, and how taking on this role allows them to create an environment to advance corporate culture initiatives. 

10:10 AM

JUNE 16, 2021

11:15 AM

A Look into the Boardroom

What goes on in a corporate boardroom? Unless you’ve been there, it can be a mysterious prospect. In this session, Prudential will help demystify board functions, the member selection process, and what you can do to position yourself for board membership. We’ll also discuss methods for diversifying corporate boards and the importance of representation as a strategic business objective. 

Charles Lowrey

President and CEO


Gil Casellas

Board Director



Stephen Wisnefski

Editor, Professional News

The Wall Street Journal