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2021 HACR


OCTOBER 26-27,2021

2021 Speakers

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Janine Ting Jansen 

Senior Director of Inclusion & Diversity

Teva Pharmaceuticals

Janine is currently a Senior Director of Inclusion & Diversity at Teva Pharmaceuticals. She has over fifteen years of experience in the HR field working in Finance, Law, & Pharmaceuticals supporting business leaders. Her areas of expertise including Diversity, Talent, Recruitment, Strategy & Data storytelling. She was recently featured as a contributing author for the book "Latinas Rising up In HR."  


As the first in her family to pursue a college education she enjoys giving back by volunteering in her community. She frequently supports students and professionals through mentoring, coaching, and public speaking on this all-important topic. She has held several board positions with Prospanica New York (President), Latino U College Access (Board Advisor), Employee Resource Group Leader at S&P Global for Adelante and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Alumni Association’s New York Chapter (Past President, Advisor & Elections Committee Member).  She also coaches both baseball and softball for her young children.  
Her educational accomplishments include a Master of Science in Urban Policy Analysis and Management from The New School, a Graduate Certificate from the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and a Bachelor of Arts in English Communications and Political Science from Emmanuel College. In 2020 she completed two certificates from Cornell on Diversity and Inclusion for HR and Strategic Human Resources Leadership and in 2021 a Specialty Credential on Inclusive Workplace Culture with Society for Human Resource Management (“SHRM”).  


Janine currently resides in Mahwah, New Jersey and is a native New Yorker.