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2021 HACR


OCTOBER 26-27,2021

2021 Speakers

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Luz Gonzalez

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant

EQ Refined

Luz works as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant. She is a sought-after emotional intelligence expert, speaker and consultant. Through her business, EQ Refined, Luz offers businesses and organizations ways to increase their employees Awareness and Emotional Intelligence in the workplace by attaining self-directing tools, strategies, and training.


She uses her proprietary G.A.I.N methods to help clients, institutions and organizations unlock the struggles to engage and retain top talent and high performers. The lack of communication and Emotional Intelligence within the workplace leave a gap in, not just communication, but overall performance. By providing resources and practical steps to enhance individuals' interpersonal and team dynamic skills, EQ Refined raises a company’s competitive advantage, maintaining their overall goal of retention of top talent and increased engagement, creativity, and momentum forward together.


Luz currently holds a seat as a Board Member of Project Innovate Newark, which is focused on designing and implementing educational programs for students in Newark, New Jersey by developing curriculums in growing fields, engaging the students, and generating professional opportunities for them.