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HACR Latina Empow(h)er Summit™ Golf Experience

Enhance your summit experience with the 2024 HACR Latina Empow(h)er Summit™ Golf Experience! Perfect your swing, refine your technique, and discover the joy of golf in a relaxed and welcoming environment.


Our golf clinic is designed for all skill levels, whether you're a seasoned golfer or completely new to the game. It's an excellent opportunity to network, learn, and have fun, all while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Join us for a golf clinic that combines skill-building with camaraderie.

HACR Latina Empow(h)er Summit Golf Experience and Wellness Activities

Wellness Sessions

  1. HIIT Workout: Get ready to sweat and elevate your energy with a heart-pumping HIIT session!

  2. Tennis: Swing into action with a game of tennis and serve up some fun.

  3. Slow Flow Yoga: Find your inner peace and flexibility in a soothing slow flow yoga class.

  4. Morning Run: Start your day with a refreshing morning run and embrace the outdoors.

  5. Morning Walk: Step into a new day with a calming morning walk amid nature's beauty.

  6. Zumba: Dance to the rhythm and groove with our invigorating Zumba session.

  7. Pilates: Strengthen your core and improve flexibility with a revitalizing Pilates session.

How to Register

Registration for the HACR Latina Empow(h)er Summit™ Golf Experience and wellness activities will open at 12 pm ET, Tuesday, February 13th. To give all attendees the ability to attend at least one wellness session, please select no more than one session per day. If there are additional spaces available as the event approaches we will communicate availability at registration.

Please select your sessions from the below options.

Registration Opens February 13th

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